Lindau relaxes. Lindau gives time. Lindau stimulates. Use this place for yourself. Is this still Germany? Or already Italy? Or another world? It is not so easy to say where Lindau is…

Historic island old-town

Picturesque alleys wind through the historic old town on the island, with the blue of a crystal-clear lake peeking out between them. When you reach the famous harbor promenade, you are greeted by the Bavarian Lion on the left and Germany’s southernmost lighthouse on the right – behind them rise the Swiss Alps and to the east, right on the border with Austria, the Bregenz Forest beckons. With an area of around 70 hectares, Lindau Island is the second largest island in Lake Constance. Its shape is reminiscent of a linden leaf – and thus of the tree that gave the town its name: in 882, a monk first mentioned the “island where linden trees grow” in a document. The small settlement with fishermen’s houses and a noble women’s convent became a prosperous town, which today is very well connected due to its central location in the border triangle of Germany – Austria – Switzerland.

Lindau harbor entrance

Probably the most famous sight in Lindau, as well as on the entire Lake Constance, is the Lindau harbor entrance: the ensemble of the Bavarian Lion and the lighthouse, which has been photographed countless times, is the town’s landmark.

Coming from the land side on the left, the imposing, six-meter-high lion statue made of sandstone is enthroned with a view in the direction of the Bregenz shore.

To the right is the New Lighthouse, where 139 steps lead to a height of 33 meters. The climb is rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the island city, Lake Constance and the Austrian and Swiss Alps.


Are you ready for the island?

You see: Lindau relaxes, Lindau gives time, Lindau stimulates. Use this place as an island in your everyday professional life. If you want to develop new ideas, need a change of scenery or just want to have a nicer meeting, this is the place to be!

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Destination Lindau

Between hilly landscape, meadows and gardens

Those who explore the hinterland will discover a no less picturesque hilly landscape – with meadows, vineyards and enchanted gardens. During the fruit blossom in spring, a hike through the surrounding countryside with its many orchards is an experience for all the senses. In summer, you feel like you are in a southern city with a Mediterranean flair: the mild climate and balmy nights by the lake have also earned Lindau the nickname “Bavarian Riviera”. In winter, the city offers a paradise to switch off and enjoy. How about a walk along the frozen shore of Lake Constance, for example, or a visit to the famous Lindau Harbour Christmas?

High-class art and culture offer

The Lindau Art Museum at the Inselbahnhof is the annual exhibition venue for originals by the most famous modern artists. After Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Míro, Henri Matisse and Emil Nolde, there will also be a special exhibition this year.

The Lindau Municipal Theater, built in 1951 and the largest theater on Lake Constance, is also available for special events, conferences and corporate events, in addition to performances of international standing. It is also home to a unique highlight: the Lindau Marionette Opera. It is the only puppet theater in Germany that performs exclusively musical theater and is thus aimed almost exclusively at adult audiences. See for yourself the gracefulness of this puppet show – well worth a visit in any case!