Lindau Tourism and Congress GmbH

Vacation and congress tourism in symbiosis

Since 2012, Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH (LTK) has been committed to the destination Lindau. “The purpose of the company is to promote the economic sector of tourism in the area of the city of Lindau (Lake Constance) specifically in the areas of vacation tourism and congress tourism” – this is stated at the beginning of the articles of association of Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH. The independence associated with this legal form ensures that the company, which was founded as the successor to “ProLindau Marketing GmbH & Co. KG”, provides the company with the necessary scope to be able to devote itself specifically and effectively to its two main areas of activity.

The Inselhalle is of great importance for conference and congress tourism: it not only offers an attractive future to long-standing regular customers such as Lindau’s Nobel Laureate Conferences, but also attracts new event formats and other conference organizers to Lake Constance. As a result, this area is also the most important lever for revitalizing the island and garden city in the early and late seasons.

Establishment of an unmistakable, likeable brand

The heart and connecting link of all activities is the Lindau brand. “We want to make the Lindau brand unmistakable and make a performance and quality promise that makes it unique compared to the competition,” explains LTK Managing Director Carsten Holz. This applies both to profiling as a congress and conference location and to classic vacation marketing, which form the two cornerstones of the Lindau tourism experts’ work.

The LTK sees itself not only as a committed and reliable partner of the Lindau tourism industry, but also as a driver for quality and innovative ideas, for example in the area of visitor approach: “What topics move the guest of tomorrow and what values are important to him? How can we provide our guests with an unforgettable vacation experience? For which travel occasions does Lindau offer the optimal setting, and how can we constantly increase our attractiveness as a tourism destination?” Carsten Holz and his team provide answers to these questions in order to make Lindau relevant and visible as a potential travel destination. The fact that these activities also strengthen the financial basis of the GmbH is a doubly good effect: After all, proceeds from LTK directly benefit tourism marketing and strengthen the location.

Sustainability has a high priority in day-to-day work

Sustainability of an ecological and social nature is becoming increasingly important. We think that’s good, too. That is why we summarize the sustainable aspects of LTK here. No one is perfect; sustainability is a continuous process that we also want to continue working on.

We are already doing this well:

  • We use 100% green electricity from Stadtwerke Lindau for all our sites, offices and locations.
  • Our print products, such as the vacation magazine, are printed climate neutrally and locally as standard (FSC seal).
  • LED lighting in all conference rooms of the Inselhalle.
  • We are a member of “fairpflichtet”.
  • The Inselhalle’s air conditioning system cools the room temperature to a maximum of 10 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. There is also a highly effective ventilation and cooling machine that can be adjusted to save energy.
  • We offer all overnight guests climate-neutral travel on public transport with the Echt Bodensee Card since April 2021.
  • We sell Lindau soulbottles and beach bags made of recycled material in our store.
  • Our newsletter is sent exclusively by e-mail.
  • an electric car as company car.

Here we will get even better in the near future:

  • Conversion of the park-camping lighting to LED
  • extension of the photovoltaic system at the Park-Camping Lindau
  • Rainwater utilization (and possible treatment) at the Park-Camping Lindau
  • Creation of a sustainability concept for the Inselhalle Lindau

Furthermore, we also cooperate with the German Lake Constance Tourism GmbH in the project group “EchtNachhaltig“. In order to make Lindau’s responsible activities visible and tangible for the whole of Lake Constance.