The Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks are the largest German-language training and further education event for psychotherapy and one of the most important conferences in its field worldwide. Since 1950, the conference has been held over two weeks in the second half of April.

a place for exchange and recovery

Up to 4,000 psychotherapists meet on the island of Lindau and enjoy the mixture of further training, personal professional dialogue and relaxation in this special place. Rarely is it possible to combine concentrated work and creative relaxation so harmoniously.

Without this place, says Prof Verena Kast, long-time scientific director of the conference, the conference would not be what it is: a forum for constant encounters and a source of well-being.

Hybrid event connects

Since 2022, the Lindau Psychotherapy Weeks have been taking place in hybrid form: firstly, the tried-and-tested Lindau in Presence with its many large and small events spread across the island. On the other hand, talks and lectures will be streamed online from the Inselhalle for those who cannot come to Lindau or prefer the online option.

Even though the Psychotherapy Weeks use many venues on the island, which give the conference a campus flair, the Inselhalle, with its spacious, hospitable architecture, is the undisputed centre of the conference, where not only the largest lectures take place, but also the most important party.